I love these pictures of the girls together.
They truly love each other.  I thank My Father In Heaven everyday that they have each other.


Our little girl is growing up. As her Mother, I marvel at want a fun, bright, energetic, beautiful, and helpful girl she is becoming. I love her personality she has developed. She is determined to do well in life. She has a huge interest for reading, music, and gymnastics. She enjoys new adventures in life and is constantly willing to try new things. She has a wonderful talent for signing all though she has a small amount of shyness to her. She has always been able to perform her musical numbers beautifully.We love her so much and are so excited to see her progress in life. She talks of more siblings often. Kylee wishes and prays for them continually. She has welcomed Kynzee to our home with open arms. I know in my heart she loves her sister and relies on the faith that one day she will have more to love. I can hardly believe she is 7 years old this year.


Here is our little kynzee she is such a fun, loving, social, and energetic little girl. Currently she is 3 years old. We are so blessed to share our lives with her. She is developing a smart little personalty. She loves to play. Help her dad. Snuggle with her mom. Dance around a room with fun music, singing with her sister. She is so amazing. We have had so many different opportunities with Kynzee. She lightens a roomful of people. She really has the most contagious laugh of anyone I have ever known. Being her Mother I have learned many different styles for her hair. She would love another sibling she has more love in her heart to offer than most 3 year olds. She is very welcoming of so many different situations.

Kynzees sealing day

I have a few minutes to jot down a few thoughts about Kynzee's special day! Once court was over we took a deep breath and began our spiritual journey of the week. We had a wonderful time on Saturday at the Temple. We had the sealing scheduled for 2:00p.m. in the Logan Temple. We was fortunate to have many guests in our company. This was a extra special day. I decided I wanted to not only remember this day forever but I wanted every detail to be a special thing as well.

I asked my wonderful, talented, mother about a month ago if she had ever heard of anyone that recycled their wedding dress, into a blessing dress. She thought it would be a challenge. I knew she would make it a success. So I took my wedding dress to her and we discussed a few possibility's for it.

I knew I really wanted a dress for Kynzee to be sealed and blessed in and I thought it would be cool if we could use the skirt for a temple dress for me. Then we started talking about Kylee and decided we all needed a small piece of such a special dress for a special day. SOOO my incredible mom spent the next month putting together 3 elaborate dresses. Can I just say Wow! We began cutting my one and only wedding dress into pieces. Piece by piece it all came together.
Kynzees blessing/sealing dress.

Kylees whites!

and the rest for myself!

Yes all three out of my wedding dress. I was getting nervous that Steven might get a little upset. I broke down a little early and told him. I don't keep secrets from him to well. That's OK, he was fine with it and it meant alot more on that particular day.
We of course went to the temple a little early but still was rushed a little. Got everyone settled and started the paper work. The lady in the office said "you have done this once before so you know you will need a tissue right! Something about those kids all dressed in white that makes you break down and cry". My tears started long before that. We sat in a sealing room just off to the side of where we would be sealed and watched as many friends and family walked in. At this point you start thinking of all the people it takes to raise a child and your so thankful they are there to support you. Steven and I then entered, sat in the front and I was already doing the emotional breakdown.
Oh what a great feeling to know you are safe as one family never any thoughts of something coming to an end without one of your most precious pieces of life. I so adore my two beautiful daughters of God. They are true gifts of heaven. They bring more joy then words would ever express. I marvel at the strength they give me. They are pure. They are the true meaning of white, when they enter in that very sacred room.

I then take Kynzee in my arms and Kylee takes her seat not far from us and we are able to become the eternal family we have dreamed about for years. This was an overwhelming spiritual endeavor that was filled with the spirit. I cant really share the sacredness of it in it entirety but it was a wonderful peaceful day. We then was able to take a few photos of are family outside.

On Sunday March 7th Kynzee was blessed by her father and given the name of Kynzee Sue Atkinson. He gave her a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful to the woman who took notes she handed her blessing to me on paper it will be cherished. We then had a wonderful gathering with family and friends and enjoyed the week immensely.

Kynzee's adoption story!

August 19th, 2009 our journey on the right road for Kynzee began. We have been working on this for really over about a year and a half. I was becoming frustrated with the whole adoption process. I would have to tell myself, it will happen when and if it is right. We really had little success finding anything with the agency we began with. I had strong premonitions to look else where. I started looking and talking to different people. I had two other agencies in mind that I was going to research out.

One of my hair clients had recommended me to a friend of a friend who worked at A GUARDIAN ANGEL! I called on the 19th, and asked a few questions at the end of the discussion my mind was pretty well made up. This is where my baby is. I began to do some research to find no one personally had used them. I still wondered what I was doing. I told Steven about them and of course he was wondering the same things I was.

About 30 minutes later they called us back to tell us of a situation. She told me a little boy was going to be born next week to over night a profile to her. I had 5 hours to put our lives on paper for her. We began throwing pictures and words together that would tell our story. We did indeed have most of this info from the other agency, so we went and copied pictures and letters. I made a beautiful 8 page scrapbook. I then put it in the mail, to find out on the following Wed. we had NOT been chosen. I felt bad and sad and fearful, that my dreams would be a never ending hope. We had told a few people about this and called and told them this wasn't the perfect situation for us. We felt our families disappointment as well.

It hadn't been more than 30 minutes and A GUARDIAN ANGEL was back on the phone with me, telling me of another situation. I at this point, was sceptical. The caseworker began to tell me about it and asked if I would be interested in being showed again. I said YES! She showed the same profile to this birth mother. I had begun to wonder if some of the information was a little over board for this particular agency. (Never question your religious status when you are in this process.)

It was a typical night here at our home we went about our day like every other day. At 7:00p.m we received a phone call that was informing us we would have a conference call at 8:00p.m. which was put back to 9:15p.m..  I was sooooo anxious, I carried 2 phones from 8p.m til 9:15p.m. when our caseworker called and said are you ready. I got Steven on one and myself on the other and we began to speak to a wonderful women on the other end, that gave us hope at this point. We were so excited but tried so hard not to let it get the best of us. She asked if we thought we could make it down for the birth. We said we would love to. At this time the caseworker chimed in, to tell us she would call us.

We went to bed of course to have a sleepless night. My mind ran a marathon. "I have nothing ready? What should we do with Kylee? Should we tell our family?" A million questions and a million answers to sigh-let prayers.

Our wonderful friends and neighbors were the only people we had really confirmed things with. We were so blessed to have them keep our minds straight. We then made plans to have Kylee stay with them, and to let this be a fun surprise has well.

Our morning was spent in a frenzy if you can imagine. The clock struck 9:00a.m. and we received a call she was at a (4) and we should head out. We dropped Kylee off at the neighbors and we were off.

We had the wrong directions and drove nearly to Provo, ran 2 stop light in the process before we got a call that the caseworker had given us the wrong place. We then found out she had been born and we was to late for the delivery. Steven quickly turned the car around and we headed back to the hospital in West Valley. She was here and healthy, weighing in at 6pds. 9oz. and 18 inches long.

We arrived to the hospital and was whisked away to the forth floor. I received my wrist band, and walked to meet the Birth mother for the first time. She was beautiful. She was welcoming and I was overwhelmed with love in my heart for her. Tears filled my eyes as we began to talk. She is amazing and wonderful person.

She told us two things stood out to her in our profile one, Kylee is biracial and beautiful. Two that we are religious and the only profile that mentioned our beliefs and morals. She talked to us for a few minutes. Then we were able to go to the nursery to meet our little sweet Kynzee.

We watched her get her first bath. Then held her for the first time. We spent about 3 hours with her and then decided we hadn't eaten all day. Steven wanted to grab a bite to eat. On the way to eat we where so hungry and preoccupied trying to find a place to go we got in the lane of on-coming traffic. Talk about scared out of my mind. I was ready to pee my pants. We then quickly recovered from that slight mishap and found a place to sit down and eat.

I then said to Steven "I am feeling major guilty our parents don't know. Should we call them?" Together we decided that, (telling them) would probably be in our best interest if we really wanted to parent again.  Other wise we wouldn't see tomorrow. (If you know what I mean.)

I called both of them and received a shocked answer from them. It was GREAT! Many questions later we returned back to the hospital to spend a few more hours with our new baby and her Birth mom. It was glorious! Part two at a later time.


This is heartbreaking. It is so overwhelming that another person brings complete happiness in your heart and soul, from something she is in the hardest most brutal pain of her life over. Deep down she knows it is best. She knows she will get through this.
She then gathers her stuff. Her arms are overflowing. Steven then says can I help you. He gathers the last few items and she leaves the hospital. It feels like your best friend is walking away! She looks back one last time and says THANK YOU!
Wow!! I couldn't be any more blessed, I know now two amazing birth mothers that have given and trusted me with the lives of two extremely precious little girls! I will never discount the fact, that I became a mother because of there sacrifice.We spent the next few hours holding our new little girl.
Calling our sisters were next on the agenda. More tears and congrats are in order. How wonderful to have such wonderful support. Friends, Family, grandparents, aunts,uncles and children all awaiting the newest arrival.

We couldn't leave the Hospital until Saturday morning at 11:00a.m to meet state laws. As I sat there I began to have premonitions that Kylees birth mother worked in the hospital that Kynzee was born in. I text messaged her that Kylee was a big sister! She immediately called me back and it was an affirmative she works in the very same hospital Kynzee was born in. She then asked if she could come visit for a little bit. It was the perfect way to end a perfect miracle! She came and seen Kylee and got to hold Kynzee. This is what adoption is (loving and extending families). We later left the hospital and went to Leatherbee's to celebrate with ice cream. I enjoyed myself even though I had maybe 2 hours of sleep the night before.

We packed our bags yearly Saturday morning to get Kynzee from the hospital. Kylee locked us out of my friends house. Leaving my purse inside which had my phone inside. She was gone to a young women's activity. I had now way to call her. We called another friend and she happened to have a key to her place! A whole other story in and of itself. Not to mention the wreck we got into on Thursday coming home! Uhmmm ya we didn't have even a scratch and we were definitely hit hard enough.

We made it home with baby in arms and was greeted with a fabulous pink array of balloons, crate paper, and banners. Not leaving a question at all for anyone that drove by. Everyone has been calling and coming over to meet her. She is famous already. She is a great baby and I pray she stays that way. We are so lucky to have these two little girls in our lives. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I couldn't be happier! Neither could Steven & Kylee.




Kylee's adoption story

This experience makes me cry every time I talk about it, it is such a humbling experience to us. Without adoption, we would not be the same people we are today.
The doctor advised us to look at alternative methods to complete our family (ie. adoption). The hunt began, a short time into this my sister called to see if we were serious and ready for adoption. She told me of a young girl that was a niece to a friend of hers that was expecting, and was considering placement.
We decided we would get our paper work ready. For three weeks I locked myself in the basement with the computer and started filling out paper after paper. I was amazed at this whole process, it was far worth every question on those forms.
We gave our paper work to the agency in June. Shortly after we met with Kylees birth mother. She was beautiful in our eyes. Such a mature young women, I was very impressed with her. She wanted to get to know us, she asked a lot of questions, but mostly it was the feeling of that meeting that made us all understand how important this was for everyone involved. She told her aunt that she new this was right.
We went away that weekend. On the way home I was listening to my messages on the phone, we had a call asking us to call her. I then immediately called her back, only to hear the words "Will you be my baby's parents"! That is about all I heard when tears filled my eyes and I said yes. Still to this day when I think about that phone call I cry, I was so excited and so humbled at the same time, we called our family to share the news.
We met with her a few more times during the pregnancy. We painted a room in our home for Kylee, purple is a great color for our new princess. We were asked to be in the delivery room while she was being born, what an awesome, selfless person. She was ready to share this experience whole hearted. I know it wasn't easy but she did it out of respect for us and Kylee. We thank her for this!
She was born in August, she was perfect, ten toes, ten fingers, tons of black hair, a true beauty. Kylee spent four days in the hospital with her birth mother, with tons of visits from her family.
I was able to come everyday to visit her and spent a lot of time getting to know the wonderful women who gave our daughter life. I love her like one of my own siblings, I respect her decision even more, I love her with all my heart.
Day four was the hardest day for both parties. We got word from the agency to be at the hospital at noon on Friday, when we arrived we went to a room to sign our papers. We received instructions from the caseworker, and was informed right after we received Kylee we would leave the hospital, and was to stay in the state until further notice. I knew papers where being signed by our birth mom at 2:00p.m that day. My heart was with her. I can tell you that day was so emotional for us as well.

Kylee was placed in are arms around 1:30 that day, my mind was running a marathon. My thoughts were joyful to realize that I am a mother to such a perfect little girl. I felt like I couldn't walk out of the hospital on my own two feet that day. I also want you to know the spirit of my Father in Heaven was comforting both of us that day, it filled the room to the fullest capacity, I could barely speak. To this day tears stream down my face as I write this down for you to read. I can't tell you everything I felt that day. I hope you understand how eternally grateful we are to be blessed by adoption.


My husband is a sensitive and caring person. He also has a marvelous sense of humor. Steven is very smart in many areas. He is extremely personable, hard working, enjoys the outdoors, he loves animals, and is talented in fixing things. He loves to snowmobile and loves nature. Steven loves to serve people. He served an LDS mission to California, and continues to serve in our ward. I love him with all my heart. He is a wonderful provider and husband. I’m so grateful that we are an eternal family. My husband enjoys working for the Railroad with wonderful benefits to help provide for our Family!


My husband will tell you a little bit about me. Syndee is also a caring and sensitive person; she has a comparable sense of humor which helps us build from one another. Our interest are similar she loves the outdoors, riding horses, and photography. She is also up to date on the latest trends. She is talented beyond words with her crafts, scrap booking, and love for others, not to mention the young brides who are always knocking at the door for her to make their wedding cakes and floral arrangements. As you can tell she is a talented women who loves, not only me, but our daughters, her parents, my parents, our sisters, our nieces and nephews, her clients, coworkers, neighbors, and those in need. She cares and loves beyond comprehension. I know that I scored big when she became my wife. I know that any child would be privileged to have her for a mother.
My husband and I met through a close friend. As we became friends our love developed and started to blossom. Our friendship has remained strong as our love and respect for one another has grown. We believe that a strong family relationship must start first with a strong marriage. We are both professionals my husband is a conductor for Union Pacific Rail Road where he is eligible for wonderful benefits to provide for any health care needs, and financial responsibilities. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have enjoyed the opportunity of helping others receive self confidence about themselves. I have a business in my home, where I plan on working a few hours a week when we have children.
We focused intensely on our marriage before we decided to have children. We felt it very important to know one another and gain a deep rooted love and respect for one another before making children a factor in our family. When we felt it was time to have kids we were devastated to find out we would not be able to have any biological children.

We instantly started looking at other options which lead us to adoption. We have both felt complete happiness when we received our two daughters through adoption. We love them and are so blessed to have them in our family, as well as our children's birth families.
We began a new opinion after receiving such love and strength from our friends and family. We are delighted at the privileges of adoption to get our family in our home!
We are so happy that we considered adoption because that is how we were blessed with our girls. They have brought so much joy and fulfillment to our lives, more than we thought was ever possible. Kylee is involved in dancing, gymnastics, and loves to attend primary and school. She is looking forward to having another brother or sister that she can play and grow up with. We have enjoyed the opportunity of being able to not only open our arms to her but also her biological mother. We are very grateful for the decision that her birth mother made and will always have a deep gratitude in our hearts for her and her decision .

Kynzee has been a joy in our lives. She has brought so much laughter and happiness into our home. She is very active. She loves her big sister and tries to be big like her example. She has a giggle that is so addicting. We really have enjoyed the privilege of meeting her biological mother. We hope one day we will meet again. We are also grateful for her decision she made to place Kynzee in a loving home. 

We will respect what contact you would like with your child. We have a desire to meet you and pray for your decision to place your child with our family! We are so glad that you are exploring the option of adoption. If you have any questions that we would be able to answer please don't hesitate to make contact with us at anytime. We understand the decisions you have to make, are only in the best interests of your baby.

Our Family

Our Family welcomes you and your families to this blog. I am creating this in order for you to get to know us better.If you are considering placing your child, or you are a person who knows someone that is thinking of placing. Please feel comfortable here. I want you to know you will be loved and respected just for giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. We pray for you and the comforts in your decisions.

Thank you
A waiting family